X-Force Deadpool and Wolverine Figures Coming From MAFEX


Medicom Toy will be bringing out two new figures based on the X-Force versions of Deadpool and Wolverine. Each figure is 1/12th scale and has lots of articulation like the Marvel Legends line of figures.

Due out in September 2022, Wolverine will stand at 5.7″ tall while Deadpool is a bit taller, 6.3″. But, hey, at least these are accurate, and Logan is shorter. Regardless of length, both figures are $94.99 apiece. They can be pre-ordered over at the Big Bad Toy Store.




Wolverine has the following accessories, but no Jean Grey to lust over:

  • Three head sculpts
  • Stand

Deadpool will come packed with all this, but no chimichangas.

  • 4 Head sculpts
  • 2 Katanas
  • Base

X-Force is a group of mutants who do the dirtier jobs that Xavier wouldn’t want his X-MEN to take part in. So it makes sense why Wolverine and Deadpool would occasionally be a part of the time. Unfortunately, both mutants tend to get a bit … kill-happy with their pointy weapons.


X-Force always felt like a comic book to try out getting the newer mutants a spotlight. If they stuck, then maybe they would be good enough for the Blue or Gold X-MEN roster. You know the characters I’m talking about—the ones who were similar to Boom Boom and Strong Guy.

Why we haven’t had an X-Force movie is beyond me. Now that Disney has all of Marvel under its belt, we may never see an overly violent mutant film. Thanks a lot, New Mutants. Damn angsty, continually delayed waste of time.

Of course, the Deadpool sequel had a version of X-Force, but it was full of failure.

Which X-Force members should join the Medicom Toy line of MAFEX figures? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

[Source: Big Bad Toy Store]

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