Who Goes There? The Thing: Infection at Outpost 31 Board Game!


Before Among Us, there was Who Goes There by John W. Campbell Jr. It would eventually be adapted by horror legend John Carpenter into an early ’80s movie called The Thing. It was a simple story of a shapeshifting alien and the paranoia experienced by a remote Antarctic outpost crew.

Now considered a classic, The Thing has had several triumphs outside of cinema with an amazing video game and comic book series. Now, the horror story at Outpost 31 can be relived in boardgame form thanks to Mondo and The Op Games.


Get ready to recruit fresh blood and tell a new tales this Fall, when The Thing: Infection at Outpost 31 comes back to covertly contaminate your game nights… and “nobody trusts anybody anymore.”

The game’s premise is in line with John Carpenter’s cinematic nightmare fuel from the 80’s: an alien lifeform has infiltrated the Antarctic research station where you and other scientists are dissecting an otherworldly guest. Lead a series of investigations to clear the building of the shapeshifting intruder, all the while with the imitator’s identity a total mystery to the crew!

I’d buy it just for the tokens. The game itself looks like it is a pretty simple affair. It reminds me of one of the A Nightmare on Elm Street board games from the late ’80s. Now, this is more of a game for when you’re hosting a big get-together as it requires a minimum of four people.

You either have to find The Thing and kill it or if you are The Thing, you have to destroy Outpost 31 or escape undetected with the other humans. So basically, you play the plot of the film. I noticed there was a dead Fuchs on the gameboard. That’s a cool touch.

Setup and components of the original have been preserved, with 4-8 players being assigned Blood Samples, using Supply and Sabotage cards to clear the Outpost, and fleeing the facility via helicopter with nothing getting in your way (or in this case, onboard). Newcomers to this release can anticipate updated rules that will make the imitation even harder to identify! It only takes one of three ways to lose to The Thing, so keep the contagion managed, the Outpost maintained, and the helicopter “humans only” to escape with your life and save humanity!

The game will ship on November 10th, 2021. Click here to pre-order it. Like other games of this scale, the price is $59.99.

[Source: Mondo]

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