Website Launched to Support Indie Anime Animators


A website has been created with the hope of revitalizing the indie anime community in both Japan and overseas.

The movement started with indie animator Komugiko2000, who popularized the #indie_anime hashtag on Twitter on around April 2020. From 2D works to 3D CG, pixel art and more, the hashtag sets no limits on style or content.

The Japanese text says, “Clothes alone are interesting”.

Currently, those who Tweet their work along with the hashtag have the chance to be retweeted by the official indie_anime Twitter account, which is also run by Komugiko_2000. Such works will also be displayed on a feed on the Indie Anime website, along with other popular works under the same hashtag.

Here are several examples of very short indie anime animations:

It was very difficult to choose only a select few, as there are so many great indie anime animations out there! You can discover more here, on twitter page Komugiko_2000, the official Indie Anime Twitter, or the official Indie Anime website.

Source: OtakuMode

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