The Thing Better Not Mess With NECA’s Ultimate MacReady Version 2!


Those crazy Swedes. All they had to do was not dig up an ancient stranded alien, and the crew of Outpost 31 would have been fine. NECA is releasing an updated version of R.J. MacReady, the man who saved the world from the Thing from another world.

This version of Mac comes with a flame thrower, TNT charge, Thing blood sample, revolver, and alternate hand and head. Look at all that gorgeous Kurt Russell hair, too! Pair him up with the Blair-Thing from the old McFarlane Toys movie monsters line, and you’ve got a superb display piece.

MacReady will be out in stores this October.


From The Thing, John Carpenter’s acclaimed slow-build horror film classic! Macready is a member of a 12-man research team which finds something that’s been waiting for over 100,000 years in the Antarctic circle… something with the ability to become one of them. Featuring the official likeness of Kurt Russell, Ultimate Station Survival Macready stands approximately 7 inches tall and is fully articulated. Includes interchangeable heads and hands, flamethrower, fire effect, dynamite bundle, wire spool, petri dish, blood effect, revolver, and ice axe.

The Thing is one of the most excellent horror remakes ever made, in my opinion. It captures the paranoia and isolation so well. Plus, the practical effects are some of the best seen in the business. Sadly, the 2011 prequel botched things up (heh).

However, there was a kickin’ video game released on the PS2 and original XBOX. If you can find it, check it out. I’ve linked to a playthrough below. The game is a combination of survival horror, resource management, and paranoia management. Yup, you get to test yourself and your teammates like in the movie to either calm them down or to figure out if one of them is infected.

What are your thoughts on ‘The Thing’ or its prequel film? Let us know in the comments.

[Source: NECA]

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