The Original TMNT Toys Get Super7’s Ultimate Treatment


While everyone else is listening to Disney executives pretending the company isn’t on fire, I’m just over here looking at Ninja Turtles.

Sometimes it’s nice to get away and remember those simpler days when a group of mutated turtles fought against a squishy brain boy and an incompetent ninja with a fetish for pointy metal armor.

Simpler times when we wouldn’t wonder how anyone could live in a New York sewer with dying from some gross disease or ending up trodding on discarded needles. Never questioning why a news reporter wore only a yellow jumpsuit.

You know … I think we let a lot more slide with our entertainment in the 1980s and 1990s. This was before everything had to be hyper-politicized by weirdos. The weirdos who turned animation into their personal therapy sessions while trying to force a prom episode into the most awkward places.

Just give me some silly ninja action and fun characters. Please.

I guess the only way to relive those days is to buy premium action figures. Like these from Super7! Based on the original TMNT figures that launched Playmates’ long-running toyline, Super7 has reimaged the four brothers with lots of articulation and accessories.

The Turtles are available for individual sale at $45.00 apiece. If you want to go all or nothing, then there’s a four-pack at $180! Yeah, it’s pricey but look at all the stuff ya get!


Each Turtle comes with both painted weapons and an unpainted rack set, matching what came with the original toys from the ’80s. They’re also packed with alternate heads, hands, and various accessories like pizza and communicators.

Super7 is taking orders now. 

Which classic Playmates TMNT figures would you like to see get the Super7 treatment? Would you pay a couple hundred for an upscaled “sewer lair” playset? Or maybe a supersized Technodrome playset? Let us know in the comments.

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