Sylvester Stallone Did NOT Join Trump’s Mar-a-Lago… Why You Can’t Trust Legacy Media


“Sylvester Stallone has joined Trump’s Mar-a-Lago” read the headlines from major outlets like The Hill, the Miami Herald, Vanity Fair, and more. Days later we find out none of it is true. Ah, but think of all those clicks and advertising revenues the “journalists” made from declaring that Rocky Balboa was now a member of Donald Trump’s Floridian club! Unfortunately, that’s become run of the mill lately with major “news” outlets reporting absolute falsities based on little more than a Tweet rumor and then blasting it all over the internet.

Example of How Fake News Works

So while Stallone absolutely is a conservative, all the people wanting to cancel him for the unforgiveable sin of cozying up with the former president will just have to wait for a different scandal, either real or manufactured. In the meantime, Creed III will not be featuring Stallone’s Rocky character, which is almost a certain recipe for guaranteeing a smaller audience. That’s for no other reason than just acknowledging Rocky is one of the most iconic and beloved characters in American film history.

That said, Stallone is planning on playing the villain in the upcoming Ratchet and Clank movie, and we’re eager to see how that one turns out. As you know, video game movies have a sketchy history. Will Ratchet and Clank be more like most awful video game adaptations, or perhaps like the breakout success of last year’s Sonic the Hedgehog?

But whatever Sylvester Stallone is up to next, we would encourage the mob to stand down given that their sudden hatred of Rambo is based on utter falsehoods. Did Stallone play golf once at Mar-a-Lago? Who knows and who cares? Canceling people over their political beliefs is utter intolerance and leads to a future nobody wants to live in. Canceling people over hearsay false rumors leads to an even worse place. And seriously, do you really want to be on the opposing side of the guy who has played more action hero roles than probably any other actor?

Here’s to wishing Stallone much success in the future and reminding the Twitter tyrants to cool their jets and find something meaningful in their lives. After all, you can’t trust most of the news media, but you just might be able to trust Rocky Balboa.

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