Swing From Buildings with This Batman: The Animated Series Grapnel


If there was one thing that really drew me to Batman as a kid, it was the tights. I mean the gadgets. Batarangs, Batmobiles, Bat-Shark-Repellant. All that stuff. Most of all, the devices that helped the caped crusader traverse the Gotham City skyline. That freedom to swing from rooftop to rooftop hits with a kid who is trapped in a rural country setting.


We spotted this replica over at The Big Bad Toy Store. I always wanted one as a kid in the early ’90s. Who didn’t want to swing from building to building like the Dark Knight? Batman: The Animated Series kept the grapnel gun very basic. It was just a t-shaped device with a claw grapple that would fire out at a high rate of speed. It looked cool. It was functional. It was never made into a replica until now.

Previously other companies have released the spear gun from Batman ’89, but the animated version went under the radar for some reason. Thanks to NECA for going after something like this.

Not only does it look spot on to the animated version, but it is also functional. Well, you can’t swing around Gotham City with it, but a grapnel gun does launch the plastic grapple out, and a small motor does reel it back in. Pretty cool, considering a lot of replicas tend to be static props.

Click here to pre-order yours. It should be shipping in August 2021 and is currently $39.99.

This full-size replica of Batman’s signature gadget, the Grapnel Launcher, comes from the extraordinary and beloved Batman: The Animated Series!

It’s over 7″ in length, with a grapnel hook attachment and a motorized spool that retracts the rope and hook after firing.

Uses 3 LR1 batteries, not included.

What other Batman props should NECA tackle next? Let us know in the comments.

[Source: The Big Bad Toy Store]

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