Super7 Is Living in the Sunlight With These SpongeBob Ultimates Figures


SpongeBob Squarepants and Sandy Cheeks are two characters who are being initiated into Super7’s line of premium action figures. While these two lack the articulation of the company’s other Ultimates figures, the pair do come with a number of accessories. A few of those harken back from when the series first launched in 1999.

Both figures will be about 7″ tall and feature interchangeable heads and appendages. Sandy and SpongeBob are available for pre-order now, but the first two figures in this series won’t be shipping out until the Fall of 2022. Phew, that is a long wait.

It’s Super7’s new SpongeBob SquarePants ULTIMATES! figures! Lovers of the show’s high-energy hijinks know that SpongeBob and Sandy Cheeks are the perfect pair to debut the SpongeBob SquarePants line of ULTIMATES! figures. Whether practicing karate, jellyfishing, or taking on an extreme sport, these two are always up for adventure!

These made-to-order, highly articulated, deluxe 7” scale action figures feature a variety of interchangeable parts and iconic accessories that will transform your collection into Bikini Bottom!


Maintaining the characters’ on-screen appearance while also adding articulation must be a challenge. What do you do when a character’s legs are the size of a toothpick? Super7 looks to be trying to solve the limitation issue. SpongeBob’s legs do move at … hip?

OK, he’ll be a little light on poseability. But he comes with Bubble Buddy! Sandy, on the other hand, has a few more features. This makes me wonder what Patrick is going to be like. Will they try to go with a one-piece body with an armature inside? Will he have only ball socket appendages?

What are your thoughts on SpongeBob’s inclusion in the Ultimates series? What other IPs should Super7 look at for inspiration?

[Source: Super7]

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