Star Wars Subreddit Will BAN Anyone Who Links to Forbes Articles or ‘Fandom Menace’ YouTubers


Mods of a popular Star Wars fan subreddit called Saltier Than Crait (r/saltierthancrait/) have announced that they will ban anyone who posts links to articles from Forbes, other sites including We Got This Covered and some YouTube Channels, including our very own Clownfish TV.

The reasoning? These news outlets and YouTube channels are reportedly “too negative” about Lucasfilm and Star Wars for the subreddit’s liking.

The great irony here is that r/saltierthancrait/ began as an outlet for fans to vent about their disappointment with Disney’s handling of the Star Wars franchise, specifically The Last Jedi.

Here are a list of the sites and channels that will get you an immediate ban, per the subreddit mods. Sites that will get you banned include Forbes, We Got This Covered, Bounding Into Comics and even our Disney and theme park specific sister site Pirates & Princesses.

Banned YouTube channels include Geeks + Gamers, Doomcock, Midnight’s Edge and ComicArtistPro Secrets.

There does seem to be a twinge of “professional jealousy” as in addition to the site ban, mods want everyone to know that they originated Star Wars fan bitching.

I didn’t know that you could corner the market on complaining about one of the most popular pop culture things ever, but there you go.

Bounding Into Comics covers the situation here, and cites many examples of frustrated fans outside of that subreddit voicing strong opinions on The Last Jedi a day or two after the movie hit theaters in 2017, including Nerdrotic and a few others.

Clownfish TV will go you one better. Kambrea Pratt (Geeky Sparkles) slammed The Force Awakens and called Rey a Mary Sue way back in 2016 when Clownfish TV was still Clownfish Radio, a humble little nerd podcast.

But Forbes. Forbes?! And the mods retain the right to ban you for linking to any other article from any other site they might deem “problematic” at any point in the future.


Could this REALLY be about Lucasfilm executing Order 66 on a certain subsection of Star Wars fandom?

Now, this could just be r/saltierthancrait/ being jealous of YouTubers and/or legitimately trying to clean up its act.

But given all the Twitter drama over the weekend in regards to newly announced The High Republic Show host Krystina Arielle and that some are publicly calling for Lucasfilm to publicly denounce “The Fandom Menace”, I do have to wonder if there isn’t something a little more… insidious going on behind the scenes.

Could Lucasfilm adjacent people be applying some pressure to some larger subreddits and news outlets to turn “The Fandom Menace” into the next “Gamergate” in the eyes of the media?

Possibly. But it’s pure speculation at this point.

Whatever is actually going on, it’s clear that even with Luke Skywalker’s triumphant return in The Mandalorian, the Star Wars fandom is more fractured than ever.

The unity was fun while it lasted.

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