Rock and Roll Over With Entertainment Earth’s Exclusive KISS Figure Set


The Starchild, The Demon, The Beast, The Catman, and The Spaceman have journeyed here from the mid-’70s to deliver the good word of rock and/or roll to us. How will these beings accomplish such a feat? By the universal language of action figures!

The legendary band KISS has returned to toy form, this time in a box set exclusive to Entertainment Earth customers. Each 3.75″ figure comes with instrument accessories and fabric kimonos. All of them are housed in a reproduction of one of their album covers.

Rock and Roll Over was KISS’s 1976 album and featured a few great songs like “I Want You” and “Making Love,” to name a couple.

Entertainment Earth
Entertainment Earth
Entertainment Earth
Entertainment Earth
Entertainment Earth

Packaged in an amazing box that looks just like the 1976 platinum album Rock and Roll Over, this fantastic KISS Rock and Roll Over 3 3/4-Inch Action Figure Deluxe Box Set – Convention Exclusive from Bif Bang Pow! includes four super-detailed action figures. The Starchild, The Demon, and The Spaceman bring their guitars, and Catman comes ready with his drumsticks. The Rock and Roll Over Tour marked the first time KISS performed in Japan, so these plastic figures feature the band in accurate character-specific fabric kimonos and makeup! They all sport 11 points of articulation (neck, shoulders, biceps, elbows, hips, and knees). This limited edition of only 1,000 pieces is individually numbered with a holographic sticker. Bring the entire band into your home for a command performance!

The Rock and Roll Over box set are available right now. It costs $79.99 and can only be found at Entertainment Earth.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’d like to see Psycho Circus resurrected. Not the album or the tour, but the toys from McFarlane. I was working at Target when these things came out, and we got many complaints from parents. Apparently, we can have G.I. Joes, Spawn, Barbie, and Teletubbies, but a theatrical rock band from the 1970s pushes things past the limit.

Oh, and there was a PC/Dreamcast game, too. Want to see something really dated? Check it out:

What do you think of this KISS box set? Do Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Ace Frehley, and Peter Criss still have a place in pop culture today? Let us know in the comments.

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