Rambo and McClane Skins In CoD: Black Ops Cold War Look … Weird.


If you’re going to incorporate iconic action heroes, or celebrities in a video game at all, do it right. Over the decades, there have been a lot of good and bad designs when it comes to known actors appearing in games. The Buffy video game from way back in 2002 managed to capture likenesses well on limited hardware.

In 2021 there’s no excuse for not getting a character to be close to photo-accurate. Either through talented modelers or scanning the living subject, weirdness should not ensure today.

Yet it does. My god …

GameRant found an image floating around Reddit allegedly showing off the upcoming skins for your character in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. The images appeared on the Call of Duty Warzone subreddit. I just can’t. My god. What did Treyarch and Raven Software do to these ’80s icons?!

u/SithKane | Reddit

Can we get the Infinity Ward skin designers back? Rambo looks like a sad clown. from CODWarzone

Dude. Bruce Willis looks OK in the face, but what’s up with these bodies? Sure, John McClane wasn’t super buff, but John Rambo was! Even in the 2008 Rambo, he had an intimidating physique.

Funnily, Rambo appears not to be too happy with this. It almost looks like he’s going to bawl. Meanwhile, McClane’s facial expression looks like he is gazing into a mirror and wondering what went wrong with his botox.

Stallone looks more like Rocky at the end of his first match with Apollo Creed. Where’s the iconic badass we all love from Rambo: First Blood Part II?

Compare that model to what we recently got in Mortal Kombat 11. The model’s skin may have been a bit smoother, but it still looked like John F’ing Rambo!

The positives are that these are optional skins and not integral to any part of an overarching story. You can completely avoid this.

What are some of the worst representations of actors’ likenesses that you’ve seen in video games? Would you use the Rambo and McClane skins? Let us know in the comments.

[Source: GameRant]

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