NECA Reveals Tons of Toys From TMNT, Gremlins, and More!


NECA revealed several, and I mean several new action figures from several different franchises. TMNT, Gargoyles, Gremlins, Chucky, Halloween, Creepshow … the list kept going and going!

One of those reveals was for Gargoyle’s Demona. We covered the character’s teaser from a few weeks ago at PnP. The images coming from are pretty low res, but they’ll work until the NECA releases something official. Demona comes with only a few accessories and one alternative sinister head with red eyes.


I called it! I knew NECA was going to move onto Secret of the Ooze after the Hamato Yoshi set. The company had already released nearly every character from the ’90 TMNT movie. So where else was there to go? Don’t worry; Casey Jones is still on the way.

Now we get some more fun stuff. The sequel Shredder comes with the giant mutated flower and the more evil-looking helmet.


I didn’t see Vanilla Ice anywhere, but we do get the underutilized Super Shredder. He looks a tad more muscular than Kevin Nash, but I’m all for exaggerating the villain’s features. I mean, we only saw him for a couple of seconds. Look at those quad muscles! Oh, what could have been…


Straight out of 1987, the Channel 6 News crew is getting some much-needed representation in a toy line. Burne Thompson, Vernon Fenwick, Irma, and … mutated April O’ Neil? Yeah, I remember that episode, and we all know what demographic this toy will appeal to.

Other figures from the cartoon shown off included Antrax & Scumbug, Dirtbag & Groundchuck, and Wingnut & Screwloose.

Shiloettes of Tokka and Rahzar were shown, too. Another character who was kept in the shadows was Fugitoid.


NECA is continuing the Gremlins line, too. Along with Brain Gremlin from the sequel, we’ll also be seeing a hardhat Gremlin and a dynamite/explosives Gremlin.


The other properties include The Thing, Halloween II, Creepshow (1982), The Boys, Chucky, and the King Features comic book original Flash Gordon. Click here to check out the rest of the images was able to capture.


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