Mezco’s Mothra Gets Flocked and Boxed In This New Collector’s Set


It was 57 years ago when the king of the monsters clashed with the winged protector of Earth. Mothra VS. Godzilla was the Queen of the Monsters’ second appearance in the Shōwa era of giant creature films. Some tweaks were made to her lore, but ultimately, this appearance against Godzilla made her a mainstay (in one form or another) in the series for decades.

Mezco is doing the Queen justice with this upcoming box set. Inside the replica Shobijin (faires) case is a 9″ Mothra with beautiful flocking. Also included, as to be expected given the box, are the twin faires/Cosmos/Shobijin as played by Keiko Imamura and Sayaka Osawa.


Inspired by the 1964 film ‘Mothra vs. Godzilla’ , the massive moth measures 9” in length from wing to wing. Mothra features a flocked body and an articulated head and wings. The Shobijin Twins feature flocked shoulder capes and come complete with two different head portraits, two sets of interchangeable arms, and can join hands – allowing for a multitude of display options.

Mothra and the Shobijin Twins are packaged in a train case, just like the one seen in the film. Mothra’s display base can attach to the packaging so she can hover over the Shobijin twins.

Keep in mind that these photos are only prototypes. So, some changes to the colors and flocking may take place over the next several months. Flocking, when done wrong, can be a giant pain for collectors. Expect Mezco to put out a solid product.

Mothra and the Twins come with the following features:

(2) pairs of clasped Shobijin arms

(2) pairs of holding Shobinjin arms

(2) standard Shobijin heads • Two (2) singing pose Shobijin heads

(2) Shobijin display bases

(1) Mothra display base (attaches to packaging)

Pre-orders are open now, with an expected shipping date somewhere between March and May 2022. Click here to pre-order your Mothra set for $60.00.

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