Marvel Comics Announces New Spider-Man Comic Books


Marvel Comics announced that the new arc will feature Peter Parker’s demise in the Marvel Universe. As he faces a life and death situation, his clone Ben Reilly will take over the webs to help stop the bad guys.

“Peter Parker and Ben Reilly Swing into Action on Arthur Adams’ ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ #75 Cover,” they write in a press release. “Both swing in—and only one will swing out! See the covers for October’s issues of ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ here!”

They continue, “This October, an all-star creative team is set to take AMAZING SPIDER-MAN beyond your wildest expectations! This new era will see bold changes brought to the Spider-Man mythos, beginning with the return of Ben Reilly. Fans can see him joining forces with Peter Parker on the newly revealed cover of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #75!”

Ben Reilly is not the only thing new about Peter Parker’s New York life. Marvel Comics recently announced they are going back to Parker’s college days with ‘Spider-Man: Non-Stop’ which is entering its second issue.

“The setting is New York City in NON-STOP SPIDER-MAN (2021) #2, the second issue in a fan-favorite run by Joe Kelly, Chris Bachalo, Marcio Menyz, and more,” Marvel explains. “Set against a backdrop of skyscrapers, helicopters, and huge rumbling cars, Spider-Man: Peter Parker scrappily web-swings across Manhattan to protect his fellow students at Empire State University. And, with this week’s issue, some familiar faces introduce their fists to Spider-Man’s face as the plot thickens like a brick of plastic explosives. Something horrible is happening to Spider-Man’s friends. And their current fates are a ticking time bomb.”

Marvel Comics is also bringing back the scenario where Peter Parker decides to keep the alien symbiote that would eventually become Venom, a major villain. They seek to expand on this story-arc in ‘Spider-Man: Spider’s Shadow.’

“What if Peter Parker became Venom? Peter Parker once put on an alien suit that nearly destroyed his life—but what if he’d never taken it off? Ignoring every warning, Spidey embraces the dark symbiote,” Marvel Comics said. “Haunted by terrible nightmares and exhausted by an endless barrage of bad guys, Peter can’t seem to catch a break these days. So when the Hobgoblin attacks, he finds a hero at the end of his rope… and vulnerable to new dark impulses. Spider-Man is about to change his rules—but is it truly Peter who is in charge? Creative powerhouses Chip Zdarsky, Pasqual Ferry, and Matt Hollingsworth bring you a terrifying tale of a Peter Parker possessed and on the edge.”

While fans of the 90s and early 2000s will be happy to see Ben Reilly return to the main scene, it is curious the expansion of Spider-Man titles.

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