Kotobukiya’s Snake Eyes II Makes IDW’s G.I. Joe Appealing Again


Kotobukiya is introducing another G.I. Joe character to the line of Bishoujo statues. This time around, Dawn Moreno is being represented as she appears in her Snake Eyes II gear.

The statue stands at 9″ tall. Pre-orders are being taken right now at Sideshow. Dawn will ship between March and May 2022. She is priced at $130. Snake Eyes II was sculpted by Takaboku Busujima.

Dawn Moreno is seen here sporting a visor similar to Snake Eyes. Even her combat armor is somewhat similar if the original character had a curvy and buxom body. That would have made for an interesting episode of the G.I. Joe cartoon. I wonder what lesson the Joes would have tried to teach us in that episode’s PSA…

Kotobukiya | Hasbro

Kotobukiya | Hasbro
Kotobukiya | Hasbro
Kotobukiya | Hasbro

The fourth character to join the series is Dawn Moreno, the G.I. JOE agent who calls herself Snake Eyes II from the secretive Arashikage Clan that carries out covert missions throughout the world.

The statue was sculpted by Takaboku Busujima (BUSUJIMAX), who continues to share Japan’s beauty with the world. The digital sculpting brings out a realistic look and feels like no other. Shunya Yamashita’s original illustration has been brought to life with several unique details that can only be appreciated in person.

Bishoujo statues are known for their … generous proportions of the female form. Characters from several franchises have made appearances in this line, included gender swaps of Beetlejuice and Freddy Krueger. Yeah, it’s weird, but Kotobukiya’s artists make everything work out. No doubt this is due to some sort of dark naughty magic.


Apparently, the sequel to Snake Eyes made her debut in the IDW comics around four years ago.

Snake Eyes II is a thing. I was unaware. Then again, I haven’t followed the G.I. Joe lore since I was a kid blowing up Cobra troopers with firecrackers.

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