James O’Keefe of Project Veritas Permanently Banned from Twitter After CNN Exposé


In a not quite surprising turn of events yesterday, Twitter has permanently banned James O’Keefe without any specified reason beyond the vague “violation of Twitter rules.” It’s a bit like a student being punished by a teacher and when asking what they had one wrong, the teacher replies “you broke the rules.” “What rule specifically?” the student might ask. “You broke the rules,” the teacher would say if they were modeling the Twitter modus operandi in the unfolding story of James O’Keefe being given the blue bird boot.

New York Post Article on the Situation

This follows immediately on the heels – and even in the process – of O’Keefe slow releasing a series of videos exposing CNN of malicious intent in their news operations. Featured in the videos, CNN Technical Director Charlie Chester has claimed that CNN purposefully took down President Donald Trump in the 2020 election, the network uses COVID-19 deaths as a means to instill fear in viewers, the network uses propaganda to manipulate, and that African American males are the leading perpetrators of “Asian hate” attacks. Those are CNN Technical Director Charlie Chester’s claims, not our own.

O’Keefe managed to get these statements from Charlie Chester using an undercover journalist posing as a Tinder date to the CNN employee. The claims can only be categorized as damning, but almost certainly what we all know about major news media companies. It would seem they’re all manipulating us purposefully, and you’re no more getting legitimate news from companies like CNN than you are getting history from the History Channel.

Project Veritas and CNN Exposé Videos

Twitter had originally banned O’Keefe’s news organization, Project Veritas, for posting information regarding the Hunter Biden laptop fiasco. Twitter at the time had banned the New York Post, as well as suspended Project Veritas, claiming that the laptop material had been obtained via hacking or hackers which violated their rules for posting. This was later shown to be based on absolutely no evidence whatsoever, and while the New York Post was allowed to continue posting on Twitter, Project Veritas’ permanent ban was not likewise lifted. Some have claimed this stifling of a legitimate news story was direct interference in the American public’s knowledge of the presidential candidates prior to the election. Others say this was fully within Twitter’s rights as a company charged with protecting private citizens.

Whatever your opinions of James O’Keefe and Project Veritas, the actions by Twitter certainly do continue to drive conservative commentators and journalists from the platform. In the past, when conservatives attempted to develop their own platform, Parler, the server host of that new platform (Amazon) shut down its ability to accept web traffic. It remains to be seen what future platform will rise to compete with Twitter and other social media sites, but it is likely they will further divide the nation as different political factions continue to divide themselves into separate markets. Just as there is liberal and conservative news, it’s likely we’ll soon have liberal and conservative social media, liberal and conservative entertainment, etc.

That doesn’t seem to be a healthy future for America, but alas it’s where we’re almost certainly headed. For more information on technology, the web, pop culture, and more, keep coming back to D-Rezzed.

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