Iron Studios Gets Nostalgic With ’80s A Massive D&D Cartoon Statue


Iron Studios, known for creating detailed statues from several popular comic book and fantasy properties recently hosted a stream showing off new and upcoming products. The slate of releases set for late 2021 and into 2022 includes a number of fan favorites, with one really sticking out.

The broadcast is over an hour long, but the statues are spread out enough that you can easily scan through and find what you’re looking for. No doubt you’ll stop right where I did when you see a certain massive dragon.

The stream showed off several properties from Marvel, DC, Harry Potter, and more. The one thing that really caught my eye was this thing.

Iron Studios

Yes, that is indeed Tiamat battling the stars of the 1983 Dungeons & Dragons cartoon. What a friggin’ callback! The statue is HUGE. Not just big, but massive! This must come in at over 24″ tall. The base alone could take up an entire coffee table. It’s just big! The host says it is at 1:20 scale.

It’s not yet available for pre-order, but that should happen in June.

I cannot wait to see the detail on this thing when it becomes an official product. The Dungeons and Dragons cartoon is fondly remembered, but oddly dismissed when it comes to merchandising. Retro has been the thing for Funko, Super7, and others, but the interdimensionally displaced kids never get the attention they deserve.

Well, there was that Brazilian car ad that somehow got all of the characters spot-on in live-action:

What statues from Iron Studios’ stream are you interested in? What IPs would you like to see them license in the future? Come to think of it … what other massive diaramas should that team of artisans tackle? The Death Star prison cell shootout? Gandalf VS the Balrog? Let us known in the comments.

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