IGN USA Called Out by IGN Israel for Promoting Palestinian Charities on IGN.com


Well, folks, you can’t make this one up. Video game website IGN is seemingly condemning… itself.

After years of peace deals in the Middle East referred to as the Abraham Accords, Israel is back in conflict this summer. In response to hundreds of missiles and rockets being flowing indiscriminately into Israel from Gaza, the Israeli army has responded both with the “Iron Dome” and offensive attacks against Hamas, an organization labeled as terrorists by the United States government.

So IGN in America, located in California, decided to prominently advertise ways to help Palestine, which is where Hamas is located.

IGN Offers Help to Palestine Through Readers

But that’s not the end to this story.

IGN Israel then responded to IGN America (which is in essence, IGN San Francisco) with the following message (translated to English by D-Rezzed):

Dear web surfers, we too were amazed to discover this morning a misleading and confusing donation campaign found on the American website IGN. It is important for us to emphasize that we condemn this action and did not take part in it or were aware of it; this is not our way.

We at IGN Israel support the State of Israel (obviously) and support IDF soldiers who do everything to keep us all protected in these tough days.

Meanwhile, President Joe Biden has stated that Israel has the right to protect itself. And while we do not take a political position here at D-Rezzed, we do find it odd that IGN is promoting charities for Palestinians, but not for the Israeli citizens killed by indiscriminate rocket fire from Hamas, Hezbollah, or Gaza inhabitants. That definitely seems to be taking a side. From our standpoint, we wish for peace, a return to the peace of the past few years, and that kindness and tolerance of existence wins out over time.

And because we have that sort of universal approach for all human beings on the planet, we’re unlikely to have to condemn our own selves at some point in the future. We wish IGN the best of luck in learning some lessons, although we’re doubtful they’ll pull that off short term.

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  1. I suspect there’s been little clamour for what you advocate because it’s generally acknowledged that Israel received (roughly) $3 billion from America for military aid. Although, ironically, Gaza is also partially funded by the US and the EU.


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