HBO Max Prepares To Launch New Adult Animated Series “Ten Year Old Tom”


Warner Media recently announced that they are developing a new adult animated series titled “Ten Year Old Tom” for their HBO Max streaming service. Created and written by Steve Dildarian, who also voices Tom, the show follows the young kid working through advice given to him by well-meaning adults. It is added to a growing number of animated shows added to their catalogue.

According to a press release, the series stars Byron Bowers, Todd Glass, Gillian Jacobs, Edi Patterson, and John Malkovich with guest appearances by David Duchovny, Jennifer Coolidge, Natasha Lyonne, Mark Proksch, Tim Robinson, George Wallace, and more.

They describe the show as “a bitingly-funny ten episode adult animated comedy series, will debut THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 30 on HBO Max.”

HBO Max’s SVP of Comedy and Animation Billy Wee said, “Steve Dildarian is a tremendous talent and a wonderful collaborator.” He continued, “We can’t wait for comedy fans everywhere to experience the absurd brilliance of TEN YEAR OLD TOM.”

Dildarian adds, “I wanted to write a show about a kid who’s trying to make sense of the world around him, but to do it in a way that doesn’t pull punches.” He says, “HBO Max is the perfect home for a show like that, and I’m so grateful for the opportunity.”

Their official synopsis explains, “TEN YEAR OLD TOM follows the misadventures of an average kid as he contends with questionable guidance from the well-meaning grownups around him. Being a kid is hard enough for Tom, but when bad influences seem to lurk around every corner – from litigious parents and drug dealing bus drivers to school administrators who want to sleep with his mom – it’s downright impossible. While the adults in Tom’s life certainly mean well, they just can’t manage to lead by example.”

You can check out the trailer below:

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