‘Godzilla Destruction’ Mobile Game Premiering On April 27th


There is a major shortage of giant monsters destroying cityscapes in the world of video games. It’s a basic premise, really. Large, bulky, scaly creatures trample on buildings while humans throw impotent missiles at them. Rinse, repeat.

Why is this not a genre that is being capitalized on? I’m a simple man with simple needs.


Toho has heard our calls and is planning on delivering. Within a couple of weeks, a new ‘Godzilla’ game full of explosions and crumbling buildings will be hitting our mobile phones.

Figures.com brought the word that one of the new ‘Godzilla’ games will be dropping on mobile platforms on April 27th.


The game is “free-to-play.” The structure of the various tiers and currencies used in the game wasn’t shown in the new trailer. What we do get to see is a simple gameplay style. Swipe and destroy works for me when it comes to giant monsters.

The game will be available on the App Store and Google Play.


I’m not much of a mobile video game enthusiast but am a sucker for Godzilla games. Regardless of the platform, I’m always willing to try out kaiju-on-kaiju action.

Got a favorite ‘Godzilla’ game from the retro consoles? Let us know in the comments.


Go on a wild rampage around the world and level entire cities in “Godzilla Destruction” the mobile game! Crush entire cities with ease with simple and intuitive controls! Become Godzilla and crush cities underfoot! Step inside the monstrous body of the legendary Godzilla and terrorize all corners of the world! Destroy cities across the globe in this exciting and easy to play game!

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