Gnaw, Slug, and Wreck-Gar Join The Transformer: The Movie Toyline!


Dare! Dare to collect all the Transformers: The Movie figures if you can! Yes, this has been a right pain. Empty pegs have been a common occurrence since the pandemic started. Stores like Target and Walmart get either one of each figure or none at all, but the pegs stay up for months, never getting stocked.

How do we solve this? Just preorder through Entertainment Earth. I love supporting businesses in my town, but if I go in every week and the shelves are bare, it’s time to go elsewhere.

Aside from the Masters of the Universe: Origins line, the 1986 Transformers figures have been almost impossible to come upon in the wild. For a time, you could find 20+ Blurs on the shelf, but never anyone else. Then suddenly, you’d spot one Hotrod, then a dry spell before another dozen Blurs would magically show up.

I get it. The character was somewhat cool because of John Moschitta Jr.’s cameo, but come on!

When I saw that one of my favorite transformers from the film was going to come out, I pre-ordered to save myself the headache.

This August, we’ll be getting the junk planet transformer Wreck-Gar, the Sharkticon Gnaw, and the Dinobot Slug. Slug comes with a tiny Daniel Witwicky in his transforming suit.


Don’t dare to be stupid, and pre-order now!

What I’ve liked about this line is that they’re still toys and not delicate display pieces. I was six when the film came out. So, I remember the amount of play my Transformers got. This doesn’t mean they don’t look great on a shelf. They do. Part of the fun of having the toys was that they weren’t fragile works of art that would break into a million pieces upon hitting the floor, or wall, or whatever was at the end of the playground slide.

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