Ghostbusters Afterlife Features Adorably Evil Mini-Pufts


The undeniably epic comedy Ghostbusters is coming back in a big way with a tiny new character(s). If you’ll recall from the original film, Peter was a little unhappy with Ray after he accidentally brought a marshmallow man into existence which was intended to kill everyone. The classic character known as Stay-Puft, and his scene, are icons in film history.

But now, move over Baby Yoda, because the Ghostbusters have one of the cutest, and perhaps most evil, little creature to ever grace the big screen. Introducing to all of you, Mini Puft:

To say that we are hoping Ghostbusters Afterlife is awesome would be an understatement. The whole team is back, sans Harold Ramis who unfortunately passed away several years ago. Still, the script may center around Egon, which would be a fitting tribute. So turn on the original song with Ray Parker, get your proton packs ready, and let’s hope movie theaters are rocking very soon with a ton of ghostbusting. After all, bustin’ makes me feel good!

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