Get A ‘Flashdance’ Gremlin and Corvette Gizmo In This Accessory Pack


Today’s ’31 Nights of Fright’ from NECA came with an announcement that a Gremlins accessory pack is on the way in 2022. Based on the first Gremlins movie, this set comes with a Flashdance Gremlin and driving Gizmo.

We spotted this over at Gizmo is to scale with the Gremlin, meaning he is much smaller than the other Mogwai NECA has released in the past. What gets sacrificed as far as articulation is made up for the fact that Gizmo gets his own pink Corvette.

There are two Gizmos in this set—one seated for the car and a standing one. It looks like there’s a balljoint at each shoulder and probably a joint at the wrist for both. The legs are not articulated.

The Gremlin doesn’t only get to dress as Jennifer Beal. The little nasty trouble maker also comes with an egg and makeshift balaclava. You know … because 2′ tall monsters need a disguise when committing crimes.


The announcement did not include a price, nor has this set shown up on the typical collectibles websites. My guess would be this will go for $29.99. Too bad it won’t be released in time for Christma

What other Gremlins would you like to see NECA release in this scale or the larger versions? Let us know in the comments section.


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