Flash Gordon & The Phantom Statues From Iron Studios Look Awesome!


The original superheroes of the long-gone golden age of comic books have been sprouting up recently for some reason. The Phantom and Flash Gordon could be on the way back to the forefront of the comic book market, and I’m all for it. With Marvel movies on the decline, it’s time for The Ghost Who Walks and the intergalactic hero Flash to step in.

Iron Studios will be adding both heroes to their line of 1/10th scale statues in the fourth quarter of 2022. The Phantom is priced at $199, while Flash Gordon is $149. So will Mandrake and Ming be on the horizon?

Iron Studios
Iron Studios
Iron Studios

Flash and his allies live their adventures in Mongo, traveling through the planet\’s eclectic ecosystem, discovering different kingdoms and cultures, from primitive people to the most advanced, and Flash Gordon uses his intelligence and leadership to unify the inhabitants against the oppressive regime of Ming.


Iron Studios
Iron Studios
Iron Studios

The Phantom has no superpowers and having been trained as a child to take on the legacy of his ancestors, he uses his strength, intelligence, and renowned immortality to defeat his enemies. The best known of his dynasty is the 21st Phantom, married to Diana Palmer with whom he had two children, Kit and Heloise. He has the help of a Bandar healer named Guran, his best friend who has saved his life several times.

The Flash Gordon movie and Defenders of the Earth introduced me to these two golden age comic book heroes. If it were not for Flash, we’d probably never have Star Wars, and the Phantom I always felt should have had a team-up with Indiana Jones. I’m very much a kid of the action-adventure age.

Now, if only we could get a good Phantom or Flash Gordon movie. But, seriously, it’s not complicated. They don’t need to be silly or cynical. Just take their adventures from the comic strips and put them on the screen without tainting the script with modern politics.

What are your thoughts on these King Features heroes? Let us know in the comments.

[Source: Iron Studios]

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  1. Love the King Heroes statues. Gonna try & pick up the Phantom & Devil. I agree with you on making a Phantom or Flash Gordon movie or maybe both with Mandrake aka Defenders of the Earth. Stick to the script or strip in this case & it could be a blockbuster for King Features. Time for something besides the rehashed Marvel & DC story lines.


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