EA Bans Apex Legends Player for Using Japanese Word Mistaken for English “N-word”


It’s being reported that EA has banned a Japanese Apex Legends player for using the Japanese word “nigero,” which simply means to “run away” in Japanese.

Of course it’s probably being mistaken for that other English “n-word,” but it’s an idiotic ban nonetheless.

A notification from EA to the player informing them of their ban seemed to have first surfaced on reddit

And word of EA’s idiocy even made its way to this Taiwanese gaming site

A (poorly) translated snippet from the article reads “It is well known that if non-blacks use the term “n**ga” against blacks, it will be regarded as offensive racial discrimination, and the term can only be referred to among black people of the same descent. In fact, many online games do enable the detection system of inappropriate speech in chat rooms to prevent players from using text to abuse or send negative messages to hate behavior.”

And Japanese gamers weighed in on Twitter.

One Japanese Twitter user commented…

It is said that the account was banned because the Japanese word “nigero” was racist. I’ve heard that the Chinese word “nage” was misunderstood, but it’s too difficult to avoid land mines around here.

Oh boy.

I wonder how Nigerian players are handling this?

[Hat Tip: Dat One Girl]




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