Doctor WHO: “Fear of the Geekdom?”

Picture shows: The Doctor (JODIE WHITTAKER)

People have asked what makes The Legend of the Traveling TARDIS different from other Doctor WHO Podcasts. It’s actually one I would hope my audience would understand after watching a few episodes, but I’ll explain. I’ve often been asked to host or participate in panels at conventions around the South East of the United States. Been doing it for years.

One time, not so long ago, I was hosting a panel discussion that took place before Jodie Whittaker took on the role of the 13th Doctor. I did my usual polling of the crowd, asking the audience to raise their hands in answer to my questions.


On this panel, something happened. It was totally unexpected. I asked the audience to raise their hands if they were excited that Jodie was to be The Doctor. Some hands went up. Then, I asked if anyone was skeptical, or wanted to wait until the first episode to see if they would be excited. Again, some hands went up. The last question was to see if anyone was unhappy about Jodie being The Doctor. No hands went up.

The panel went on and had a lively discussion. At the end some people stayed to continue to chat with me. During the panel, I noticed two women sitting in the back of the room did not participate. It was only after the panel, and people started to leave that these women approached me.

“We want to speak to you, and we think we can trust you.”

This was unusual. My mind began to race. Could they be in trouble?


“By all means.” I responded.

“When you asked if no one was happy to see Jodie as The Doctor. We wanted to raise our hands, but we were afraid.”

They went on to say they didn’t want to be chastised for not supporting Jodie. They didn’t want the others to call them out for how they felt. This is where our Geekdom is? Fellow WHOvians could not express their feelings? When did this happen? Why is this happening?

I advise them to give Jodie a try. Give her three episodes. That’s it. Three. If she’s not your cup of tea, I’ll see you back after her regeneration. This is the same advice I give for anyone skeptical about an incoming Doctor, but why was it different now?

It was this moment, when I decided to start the podcast, that would be my guiding course of the show. All opinions matter.

People will have different opinions about Doctor WHO, and that’s a good thing. People not only should have their own opinions, but be able to express it freely. It’s when people fear giving said opinion, over backlash that I will never condone. This is not being a WHOvian. It’s not even being kind. We now live in a society where it’s so easy and lazy to destroy, but so hard to build together. When we do build it together, the rewards are so worth it.

Christian Basel is the host of the Doctor WHO Podcast “The Legend of the Traveling TARDIS” 


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