DC Comics Returns Nightwing Back To Blüdhaven In New Graphic Novel


After being shot in the head by KGBeast during Tom King’s run on Batman, Nightwing took on a darker persona, becoming “Rick Grayson” and distant from his adopted family. DC Comics returned the character to his roots as he dons his black and blue costume once again to make a name for himself.

Writer Tom Taylor’s on the ‘Nightwing’ series brought the character’s cheery personality back to the forefront and restored a lot of his superhero traits. The first part of his run will be collected in ‘Nightwing Vol. 1: Leaping Into The Light,’ which features artwork from Bruno Redondo, Adriano Lucas, and Wes Abbott.

“Nightwing is back in Blüdhaven! It’s been a long time since Dick Grayson has been himself, but now he’s smiling again, cracking wise, sticking up for the little guy, and sticking it to the bad guys,” DC Comics writes on their website. “Dick’s life is beginning to have a sense of normalcy: he’s got an apartment and a new—and totally adorable—three-legged puppy named Haley, who also has an alter ego named Bitewing. Barbara Gordon is now back in his life, too… but this time it feels different, like she could be the one. Still, ensuring Blüdhaven’s safety is no small task, especially now that the city is being menaced by Nightwing’s most terrifying foe yet—a mysterious and murderous villain with a penchant for stealing and collecting his victims’ hearts, known only as Heartless.”

They add, “The city Nightwing has sworn to protect has also appointed a new mayor…with the last name Zucco. When Dick investigates this politician bearing the same name as the man who murdered his parents, he discovers details that will shock him and fundamentally change the hero forever.”

Zucco, of course, relates to Tony “Fats” Zucco, a gangster running a protection racket in Gotham City who murdered Grayson’s parents. Batman and Robin take down Zucco in “Batman: Dark Victory,” a sequel to “The Long Halloween.”

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