AnimeLab Streaming Service Is Joining Funimation


AnimeLab is a video-on-demand service that was started in 2014. It brought several anime titles to the Australian and New Zealand markets. At its inception, it had several titles from Madman Entertainment and in 2017 received select titles from Adult Swim’s back catalogue.

In June 2021, it was announced that AnimeLab would merge with Funimation, joining their streaming service.

According to the Funimation blog, “A big g’day and kia ora to Funimation Australia/New Zealand! We’re thrilled to share the news today that AnimeLab will soon become Funimation, starting June 17, 2021.”

“All the anime you can handle, plus a global community of fans just like you,” they continued. “With exclusive benefits to being a part of the global Funimation family, plus the same local team you know and love, your world of anime is about to get a whole lot bigger.”

Funimation explained that AnimeLab’s social media will also be merged into their service.

“Though your existing Aussie social media team is still here, over the next couple of months, you’ll start to see some changes to the AnimeLab social accounts rolling out as handles and branding evolve,” Funimation continued. “Once the transition is complete, the AnimeLab blog will ultimately retire, and we’ll continue publishing our articles over at (Funimation Blog.) We’d love to tell you all our secrets right now but shhh… there are a few more coming in the next few weeks. Until then, sit back and relax – we’ve got you.”

“AnimeLab was built from the ground up by a team of Australians,” said Senior Vice President of International for Funimation Global Group Tim Anderson. “To be able to take what we have built and unify to be part of an expansive global growth brand like Funimation, it presents opportunities that we never dreamed possible. With the same great local team and access to a world-class service, it’s a win for fans locally.”

Anderson is also a co-founder of Madman Anime Group and AnimeLab.

The official AnimeLab Facebook page added that they will “be around for a few more months to smooth out any bumps, but will ultimately close.”

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