Anime VA Vic Mignogna “Kicked” from the Los Angeles Comic Con


Popular (and controversial) anime voice actor Vic Mignogna has been “kicked” from yet another comic con appearance.

Well, sort of.


Mignogna wasn’t officially invited as a guest to the L.A. Comic Con, but rather was appearing at a vendor booth. When word got out that he was putting in an unofficial appearance, a small (but noisy) contingent of Twitter users were up in arms and complained to the L.A. Comic Con account.

Like so many anime and comic cons before them, L.A. Comic Con caved to the Twitter mob and issued the following statement…


Mignogna issued a video statement on his own Twitter account. He stated that he would not be attending but he would ask that his fans support the vendor in question, Ace’s Anime & Collectibles, and buy their merchandise while at the show. Mignogna said he’d sign these for fans for free at a later date.

Given the way that Twitter obsesses about tracking Vic Mignogna’s appearances and supporters, it’s highly likely that they will put pressure on L.A. Comic Con to boot this vendor from future cons.

Why is Vic Mignogna Being “Kicked” from Anime Conventions?

Vic Mignogna is a very popular anime dub actor, but he found himself at the center of a storm #MeToo allegations in 2019. Mignogna is perhaps best known as the English voice actor of Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist and Broly from Dragon Ball Super.

Despite online rumors of alleged misconduct by Vic Mignogna by individuals and media outlets such as Anime News Network, not one accuser has pressed any formal charges against him to date.

From Wikipedia…

Following the English release of Dragon Ball Super: Broly, which prominently features Mignogna’s vocal work, allegations of sexual harassment against him began to surface on Twitter, with some allegations dating back to 1989. Multiple accounts alleged that he kissed, groped, and made lewd comments to fans without their consent, some of whom were underage. Voice actresses Monica Rial and Jamie Marchi tweeted their support for those speaking out, and alleged that he had also sexually harassed them.

On January 22, 2019, Tammi Denbow, executive director of employee relations at Sony Pictures, opened an investigation based on reports made by Rial, two female fans, and a former Funimation employee, which concluded a week later with termination of his contract. On February 5, Rooster Teeth severed their business relationship with him, and Funimation recast his role of the Executive in The Morose Mononokean.

Multiple anime conventions also removed him from their guest list. In response to the controversy, Mignogna categorically denied any accusations of sexual harassment.

The allegations have caused Vic Mignogna to essentially be blacklisted from the anime industry, and he filed a defamation suit against Funimation, Rial, Marchi, and Ron Toye. Charges were dismissed and Mignogna was ordered to pay the defendants’ legal fees.

While the majority of the legal drama is in the rear view mirror, “anti-Vic” anime fans on Twitter have taken any and every opportunity to have him removed from almost every anime and comic book convention.

Often convention runners and shop owners are literally threatened by these “antis,” and some have even had negative business reviews left on Yelp and their payment processors falsely flagged.

Again, it must be reiterated that not one accuser has stepped forward to press charges against Vic Mignogna for sexual misconduct despite years of rumors. While that’s not to say that absolutely nothing happened behind closed doors, none of the accusations have yet to materialize as legal action.

Despite the controversy, Mignogna still remains a popular draw for the cons who still dare to bring him in.

More Controversy for the L.A. Comic Con

On top of the Twitter drama surrounding Vic Mignogna, the L.A. Comic Con is also in the middle of another controversy.

L.A. Comic Con is reportedly allowing vendors to run “razzle-dazzle” games of chance at their convention — something which is expressly illegal in the State of California.

Maybe the Comic Con staff was too busy being “razzle dazzled” by the Twitter outrage mob over a single voice actor to pay attention to something that was actually illegal?


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  1. A police report or it never happened

    It has been proven the “movement” was used to remove people with talent by untalented people hoping to take their job

    • No police reports, no hospital evidence. Not even convention guest associates could corroborate any evidence. At the most, it was women disappointed with their experience with Mignogna or the fact he ignored them. Mignogna is very religious and he’d had a fiance at the time. And from the underhanded behavior of those throwing the accusations, I wouldn’t believe them and their “truth”. What was happening at Funimation and Rooster Teeth at the time–very adult stuff of which there is audio–makes me think they didn’t want someone to come in and “clean up” their act. Mignogna, a very religious man, was coming in (even moved to the state of TX from CA) for an executive position. #MeToo #TimesUp and similar groups that flourished in 2015-2016 have already proved that they were more political/social schemes to remove people from coveted top positions or money grabs than organizations who really cared about actual victims.

      • No police reports needed for reporting someone for sexual harassment at your job. It doesn’t even need to rise to the level of a crime. What there was:
        – about 20 sworn affidavits detailing his behavior going back decades;
        – Sony internal investigation sufficient to justify not renewing his contract; and OH YEAH…
        – Vic admitting and demonstrating *on camera, under oath, in a deposition* the exact behavior one of the women accused him of.

        Why he decided to make himself permanently unemployable by suing the biggest anime dubbing studio and now accusing LA Comic Con of breaking the law by not letting him squat, unauthorized, in someone else’s booth – who can say?

        From a purely business perspective, he’s radioactive now. Between sexual misconduct allegations he was unable to disprove in court to frivolous lawsuits to accusing one of the biggest cons in the country of committing a crime? Any company would have to be nuts to hire him. And it’s hard to imagine who would want to accommodate his vocal (and possibly violent) fan base in any convention – unless they are the only ones attending.

  2. Sworn testimony IN COURT, from Vic’s victims who he sued.

    Vic LOST the case after dozens of his victims came forward and he was forced to pay $500,000 in legal fees to those women.

    Vic is a sexual predator as anyone in the actual anime industry knows.

    This article is Written by Vic supporters who didn’t bother to follow the lawsuit where he got CRUSHED.

    • I distinctly remember someone using a photo of him with a female fan as evidence of how he was inappropriate and then the girl came out and said that she asked him for a hug.

      Look you can’t take all testimonies against him as fact and each and every evidence in his favor as bulshit just because you want him to be guilty. There was plenty of evidence that his colleagues lied about him just to remove him from his job.

  3. So when it comes to Vic Mignogna, I don’t know who to trust on this. On the one hand, we cannot ignore if he did rape or sexually assault/harass someone, period. On the other hand, false allegations are also really bad. The big problem here is that I like Vic as an actor, but at the same time, heard 1 or 2 bad instances in the past before this all popped up, though sadly, I heard it from a friend who told me what Vic did to his friend. So because of that, I have no real idea who is and isn’t right on this one. When I heard the story of how he was physical in a way that made her uncomfortable, I wasn’t sure if it was true or my friend was just trying to badmouth the guy, but as I hear more allegations came out, I started to think that Vic may very well have done this. So because of that, I can’t be on board with having him around because I feel other’s safety is much more important than people meeting a possible sexual predator.

  4. This article sounds like it was written by a man that makes women uncomfortable on the daily. Do you know how embarrassing it is to come forward about being sexually assualted? Its dehumanizing, humiliating, and it stays with you forever when people find out it happened to you. So yeah “poor vic” more like poor underage girls that were touched by him. Yall make me SICK. You think a grown professional woman, let alone a MINOR is going to come forward and press charges? SICKENING

    • You’re the sick person you fascist pig. You’re making excuses to see Vic Mignogna live homeless while defending corrupt people like Monica Rial and Jamie Marchi.


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