Amazing Heroes Toyline Gets An All-Female 7th Wave

Fresh Monkey Fiction

Fresh Monkey Fiction uses the MARVEL ‘Secret Wars’ body style for a series of action figures based on obscure comic books and pulp heroes. The initial wave was a favorite because it gave us indie comic hero Madman and some real forgotten comic icons like Black Terror and Black Bat.

Had it not been for, I wouldn’t have known about the original run a couple of years ago. There’s a reason you don’t see these on store shelves. Each line is produced in a very limited. There’s no massive factory churning these out in bulk. According to FMF, “Amazing Heroes action figures are produced in small numbers, sometimes as low as 100 pcs per character.

The 7th wave of ‘Amazing Heroes’ will focus solely on female heroes. Much like the previous waves, this one will contain both Golden Age and more recent heroic women. Included will be:

  • Cassie Hack
  • Miss Fury
  • Miss Masque
  • Black Cat
  • Phantom Lady
  • Queen of the Jungle
  • Lady Satan
  • Fantomah
  • Bullet Girl
  • The Blank Slate
Fresh Monkey Fiction

There is a minimal window to get these figures into production. Pre-orders are taken in a sort of crowdfunding campaign way. Given the micro-production runs, these toys are subject to, and it makes perfect sense.

We’ll be offering these figures for pre-order through July 15th. You can track our progress by following the percentage meter on the right of this page. If we hit 100% by July 15th we’ll move this wave into production.

As of today, the funding campaign for this line is at 30%. If this series of heroines interests you, head on over to the Big Bad Toy Store and put in your preorder. These toys can’t get made without your help!

Which non-MARVEL and DC heroes would you like to see show up in the ‘Amazing Heroes’ line? Let us know in the comments.


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